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 Contract # 008

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PostSubject: Contract # 008   Thu Feb 18, 2016 1:34 pm



The Los Santos City Government, through the Bureau of Public Utilities and the San Andreas State Legislature Committee on State Appropriations, intends to establish a quasi-governmental port authority to provide private security assistance at the Los Santos Docks, as well as to assist with the transportation of cargo to and from ships. In general, the port authority should aim to ensure the smooth operations of the docks.

Contract #008 is aimed at businesses and workforces that have at least 5 full and/or part-time employees whom have experience as laborers, ideally in a dockland setting. The contract will involve maintaining a proactive approach to any suspicious behaviour within the vicinity of the docks whilst being polite and courteous to the wide range of individuals using the dockland (i.e. truckers, sailors etc.). The successful applicant should be aware that they will likely be working separately from the Bureau of Public Utilities, however, may be required to work with them on occasion and should be committed to liaising effectively with the bureau, as they shall be in charge of overseeing the successful applicant (although this will not be particularly intensive).

The terms and conditions are as follows:
The bidder must have a registered business in the State of San Andreas.
The bidder must be able to regularly carry out the aforementioned duties: being proactive against security threats and assisting users of the docks.
The bidder must ensure they and their employees abide by health and safety regulations and by the San Andreas Penal Code.
The Los Santos City Government will not be held liable for any damages incurred to the bidder or to any individual as a result of the deliverance of this contract.
In the event of a crime occurring, the bidder and/or their employees should inform a law enforcement agency (as well as the Los Santos City Government) at their earliest convenience. Whilst the successful applicant will be providing security services, it is important to understand that this capacity is not empowering the bidder to act as a law enforcement officer.
(( The faction has a 'Contractor' rank that allows players to use several Public Utilities vehicles. It is expected, if given the job, no other faction vehicles are used (other than the ones specified) and the departmental radio is not used. It is simply an OOC measure to allow contractors to use restricted vehicles. ))

Bidding is open until January 28th 2016. The contract officer reserves the right to close bidding at any time.
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Contract # 008
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