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 Utilities Department

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The President **********
The President **********

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PostSubject: Utilities Department   Thu Feb 18, 2016 1:39 pm

Bureau of Public Utilities
Report a Fault Scheme

The new 'Report a Fault' scheme is a newly implemented feature to the Bureau of Public Utilities. More information about the Report a Fault scheme can be found below.

What is it?
The new Report a Fault scheme allows residents of Los Santos and surrounding County's to submit damages in and around the state of Los Santos. With this in place, the Bureau of Public Utilities can create a much stronger bond between the citizens of San Andreas, ensuring that the connection between both parties is consistent. When a report is filed of a fault around Los Santos (whether it be a pothole, broken lamp post, faulty street light etcetera), an engineer from the Bureau of Public Utilities will go out to the location which you reported to firstly inspect the damage. If the damage there is small and can be repaired quickly and single-handedly, the engineer will fix it there and then. However, if the damage was to take more time and more engineers, the engineer will create a scheduled operation in the private area of the LSGOV Area which will then be arranged for a later date.

How do I file a report?
Filing a report is easy. All what you have to do is fill in the format found below and post it to the following Address:
Bureau of Public Utilities,
City Hall,
2 Pershing Square,
Los Santos,
SA 97447
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Utilities Department
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