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 Rules Part 2

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The President **********
The President **********

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PostSubject: Rules Part 2   Fri Feb 19, 2016 1:51 pm

These rules apply everywhere and should always be followed.
Search Before Posting - SEARCH for keywords related to your query before you ask anything, most of the questions have been asked and answered before. Bumping old topics (even ones that are years old) is preferable to creating a new one on the same subject.
Illegal Content - No warez (and no-cd cracks, including any of the GTA V or any other game files or leaked content), illegal materials or pornography.
Multiple Accounts - Do not create alternate or multiple accounts.
Discrimination - No racism or any other forms of discrimination.
Don't Advertise
No Double Posting - There is a modify button , use it. However, bumping a topic in which you have or require further information is allowed after at least 24 hours. Note that two identical posts appearing at the same time is usually a mistake attributed to lag, and will not be penalized (but the second one will be removed).
English Only - The main bulk of the forums are English only, certain other languages have their own specific sections.
Offensive Language - Do not insult, curse at, tease, or make offensive comments towards other members. This includes reputation messages, we can see who sent what.

Do Not Request Private Help -
Don't Stir Up Arguments - Do not post religious, political or other controversial threads purely designed to cause arguments. Additionally do not "troll" other forum members in an attempt to anger them. Similarly, report trolls and do not respond to them.
Do Not Abuse Forum Systems - Do not abuse the private message and reputation systems. This includes rep-for-rep requests.
No Duplicate Topics - If you have opened a topic on a subject, do not start another one. If you have a follow-up or other closely related topic, continue using the original topic to provide context.
No Plagiarism - Do not try to pass something someone else has made as your own.
Use A Proper Subject - So not "[HELP] SERVER [HELP] ROUTER [CRITICAL]!!!!!!!!!!" but something like "My router crashes when I port forward". It should summarise your issue, not just state that there is an issue.

Signature & Avatar Rules:
Height - Signatures can be a maximum of 250px high.
File Size - Images in your signature and avatar can't exceed 250KB in total size.

Abuse - Just because someone gives you negative reputation (-rep) does not mean that they are abusing. The vast majority of people complaining that they lost reputation simply don't understand that the person didn't like what they said, and expressed that dislike in a perfectly fine manner.
Topics - Speaking of posts people don't like, if there's one sure-fire way to lose all your reputation, it's making a topic about reputation. People give out -rep for topics they don't like, and people REALLY don't like topics about reputation... Not making topics is not a rule, but a handy warning, and they tend to get locked pretty quickly anyway to save further embarrassment.
Begging - Do NOT solicit other members for the sole purpose of asking for rep. This is considered "begging" and a form of harassment. If people want to give you rep, they will. Otherwise, don't ask.

Forum Specific Rules:

Screenshots And Videos Only - Do not treat this a graphics/"GFX" section.
Be Constructive - When replying to a thread in this section, be constructive with your posts. Tell the creator what you liked/didn't like about the work, or any ways you think his/her work could be improved. If you just post "hahaha" or similar, it is highly likely that your post will be deleted without warning.
Server Support

Provide Details - If you do not get help, please re-evaluate the explanation of the issue you provided, it may not be providing enough information for people to help you.
No Useless Replies - If you are unsure or don't know how to proceed with solving an issue, then do not respond to the thread, it will be considered spam.
Provide Code - People are not psychic, if there's an issue in your code they need to see that code. If you are worried about people stealing it, don't be - its nothing special! If you are unwilling to provide code and want help in private, post here and be prepared to wait a long time and pay a lot of money.
Do Not Post Untested Code - If you are replying to a problem and you haven't confirmed that your code will work, you are likely to make the problem worse, not better.
Script Requests - If you are requesting a script be made for you, rather than help with your coding, post in the Looking for scripters/helpers? Post here! Thread.

Reporting Rulebreakers
If you notice a forum member who is breaking those rules, please report it by clicking on the Report Post button . As mentioned above, DO NOT post in the topic stating that you think there is a rule violation going on. For one thing, you are not a moderator so even if you're right YOUR post is off-topic and thus also breaking rules, so you can get in trouble for reporting other people in that case. The other possibility is that you are wrong, and the post is not breaking any rules, in which case all that remains is one post that is perfectly fine, and another post that is off-topic and incorrectly accusing another user of breaking rules. In that case, who do you think will receive an infraction? Submitted reports that are wrong are simply discarded - we do not give out infractions for an inaccurate report.


There are three main types of penalties for breaking rules - a warning is basically a "don't do that again" slap on the wrist, a ban is reserved for serious or repeated rule breaking, "infractions" fall between these two and can add up to a ban. Every infraction type has a points value and an expiry time, if you get 10 infraction points at once you will be automatically banned.

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Rules Part 2
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