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 Presidential Security Detail Handbook

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The President **********
The President **********

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PostSubject: Presidential Security Detail Handbook   Sat Feb 20, 2016 10:33 pm

Security Standards and Training.

Security Standards.

This section will explain the standards a security member should have and also carry out. Including the way one should behave, to how one should act during a situation.

   A security member should be well dressed at all times.
   Acting professional both when on a job and while dismissed is strongly important.
   During a situation, you take action from commands given from higher personnel, and nothing more or less than that.
   A security member should always guide to the handbook.
   When available, call in your status over the chat use *Radio* to rp talking on the radio
   When asked to meet anywhere from high personnel, you are to drop what you are doing to get there, unless you are on another task given from another high personnel.
   The President is the one person you listen to and drop absolutely everything for, it is your job to protect and serve him/her.

Training and Training Procedures.

This section will cover the different type of training scenarios there are and what actions should be considered for each one. These training's relate to real life situation that could happen at any moment you are with high personnel in the government, including the President.

   Target practice, in this the head of security will gather the guards and take them out to practice their shots.
   Kidnapping simulation, this is a training that will happen at random to the guards, the head of security would get with a high personnel and set up this simulation in advance, to test the reaction and actions of the security guards.
   Evasive driving training, in the situation of some one trying to get to the President, security must know how to act in any setting while driving in a vehicle.
   Convoy training, in this training security members will be taught how to line up a convoy and how to keep a position while transporting the governor.
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Presidential Security Detail Handbook
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