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 San Andreas Government Employment Handbook

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The President **********
The President **********

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PostSubject: San Andreas Government Employment Handbook   Sat Feb 20, 2016 10:44 pm

San Andreas Government
Application Guideline

1. Introduction
2. Requirements
3. Application
4. Application Stages

1. Introduction
To whom it may concern, it seems that you may want to be an employee of the San Andreas Government. This guideline covers everything what you are required to do in order to become an employee of the San Andreas Government.

For any inquiries please forward them to the Human Resources Management.

2. Requirements
In order to become an employee of the San Andreas Government, you must:

  Must be at least 20 years of age
  Have been a resident of Los Santos for 4 years
  Possess a College Degree or a GED
  Possess a valid Drivers License
  Possess fluent English speaking skills and writing skills
  Be in a good medical state which allows you to work
  Not be banned from all departments

3. Application

You'll find the Application for All positions for Government and Judicial Department here.

4. Application Stages
Once an application has been submitted by an applicant, the first thing that is carried out is analyzation. Each applicant is pushed to a stage depending on their application.


  Changes must be taken against the applicant's application by themselves due to the applicant submitting the application with errors.

Pending Recommendations

  Perfect application submitted by the applicant, however they have a very shoddy criminal record. In order for the applicant to surpass the second stage, they must acquire at least 3 to 5 recommendations from members of the state or federal state services.
  This applies to applicants who have committed more than or equal to 15 crimes.

Pending Interview

  Applicant must conduct an interview with a Human Resources Personnel. Failure to conduct it within three days will lead to a denial.

Pending Background Check

  This means during the screening process something caught our attention and requires further investigation. A full background check must be completed by the State Government before your application can proceed.


  Applicant has passed their interview and is now an employee within the Government.


  Applicant has committed errors within the recruitment scheme.


1. Introduction
2. Personnel Information

   2.1 Security
   2.2 Staff

3. Vehicle Information
4. Uniform Information
5. Weapon Information
6. Radio Codes
7. Chain of Command
8. Strike System
9. Paychecks

1. Introduction

I) President:
The President is the Head of the State, Elected by the Citizens of San Andreas. As Security, our first priority is to keep the President safe from all kind of threads. If you are with him/her, your job is to guard him/her and stick with him/her where he/she goes. If you feel anything suspicious you have the right to call other Law Enforcement Agencies to the location as No-Risk can be taken over the Security of President

II) Vice President:
The Lieutenant President is the Deputy head of State, the one who deals with the internal state issues in absence of President. As Security, the same points must be taken in consideration which are discussed above for President.

III) Attorney General:
The Attorney General is the chief Law Enforcement Officer of San Andreas and represents the Government (the People) in the Courts via the Judicial Department. The Attorney General leads the Department of Justice.

IV) Department of Justice:
The Department of Justice (DoJ) is responsible for overseeing the operations of all Government paid Law Enforcement Agencies in the state of San Andreas. They oversee facilities and personnel inspections as well as issues of poor conduct or misuse of Government equipment/property. DoJ may only advise and inspect Factions that are paid from the Government treasury. The DoJ is also responsible for the prosecution of criminals in the Judicial courts.

V) City Hall:
The City Hall is the Main Office/Headquarter of San Andreas State Government. It consists of Offices of the Executive Branch, the Departmental Hearing Courts and the Public Courtroom. The main priority of Security is to keep the City Hall safe from all kind of threats and intruders who appear as a threat to the Executive Branch.

VI) Judicial Department:
The Judicial Department operates and maintains the court system in San Andreas. The courtrooms are located in City Hall and are used for both Criminal and Civil disputes.

2.1 Security Personnel

Duties & Role

We are the personal guards of the Executive branch of San Andreas State Government. Our job is to provide security to the President and Lt.General at first priority. This section will guide you through out what the job of Security is, what is the aim and how and where you can act.

Academy Training

Coming soon.

2.2 Staff Positions

Government Staff

Entry level rank to the Government. From this position you will learn how the Senate and other State Departments operate. After you are trained you can become full time as Human Resources (TnR) or join one of the three paths below.

   Executive Branch
   Responsible for inspecting Law Enforcement Agencies and prosecuting crime in San Andreas's courts. Trains and certifies Lawyers. You must have the Detective or Lawyer job.
   Department of Justice
   Responsible for inspecting Law Enforcement Agencies and prosecuting crime in San Andreas's courts. Trains and certifies Lawyers. You must have the Detective or Lawyer job.
   Responsible for the operation of the courts of San Andreas by ruling over cases as Judges or Justices (FBI cases). You must have extensive experience in Law Enforcement and be at least level 10 to apply for a Judicial position.

3. Vehicle Information

Vehicle that is driven generally by the Government members, it is to be a security vehicle when limousine is being driven and inside is President/ Vice President or to drive The Executive Branch members around in a location they're wishing to go to.

Vehicle that is driven for the President and Vice President as an escort vehicle to the location they're wishing or asking to go.

4. Uniform Information

These are the two uniforms the security personnel can choose between. The rest of the uniforms are reserved for the staff and executives of the state government.

5. Weapons Information

Desert Eagle

Every member of the government carries this weapon. It fires .50 AE rounds that can penetrate even Kevlar vests.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

SMG that fires 9mm rounds at a high fire rate. Due to its compact size and fast fire rate, it is a weapon of choice for Close Quarters, also with decent accuracy this weapon can be sometimes used during escorts.

Remington Pump-Action Model 870

A powerful, but underused shotgun that fires 12 Gauge cartridges. Effective at close range.

M14 Rifle

A long-ranged rifle that is used to keep guard from greater distances. It doesn't have a scope so it won't perform as good as a scoped sniper. It fires 7.62×51mm NATO rounds at a fairly low fire rate, however its excellent accuracy makes up for its slow fire rate.

M4A1 Carbine

A very powerful assault rifle that can pick suspects from close to mid-ranges. It fires 5.56×45mm NATO rounds in full-automatic.
*This weapon can only be used when permission has been given from the president / vice president. Or when you are on Security detail for the President/Vice President*

6. Radio Codes

10-1: All units regroup / Meet at -location-
10-3: Stop transmitting / Clear the radio
10-4: Roger that / Received and understood
10-5: Please repeat
10-6: Disregard
10-7: Standby
10-8: Busy
10-10: Negative
10-14: Requesting a pickup at -location-
10-21: Report your status
10-22: Report in person – location (Go there / Come here)
10-27: Switching radio channel
10-35: Re-send a backup signal / ''Rebeacon''
10-40: Lots of people in the area
10-69: Keep your eyes open and stick to each other.
10-70: Backup / assistance required
10-71: Ambulance required
10-99: Situation concluded
11-99: Taking heavy fire

Status 1 – Off duty
Status 2 – On duty
Status 3 – Going on a break
Status 4 - Securing the President/vice president

Code 0 - Intruders at the City Hall, requiring all available personnel to report in the City Hall
Code 1 - President/vice president is being attacked, everyone respond in immediatly to my location - after saying that, say the location name.

7. Ranks


The president is the Head of the State. Elected by the citizens of San Andreas. If you are with him, your job is to guard him and stick with him where he goes. If you feel anything suspicious you have the right to call other Law Enforcement Agencies to the location as no-risk can be taken over the security of the president.

vice president

The vice president is the deputy head of State, the one who deals with the internal state issues in absence of President. As security, the same points must be taken in consideration which are discussed above for president


Secretaries are members of the President's Cabinet. They advise the President and Vice President while heading various different Departments. Three main Departments are the Treasury Department, State Department and the Department of Justice (Lead by the Attorney General.)


You are the main legislative body of San Andreas. You vote on Laws and expenses of the State. Senate votes are required for many procedures listed in the Constitution.


Directors lead smaller Departments within the State and Treasury Department. These Included, Human Resources, Security, Licensing and Permits, Department Complaints.


These are Co-Leaders of the Department. The assist Directors in the management and organization of Department members.

Senior Staff

More experienced members of Government. They have joined a Government Department in order to be promote


General employee of Government. You are given task by members from various Departments. You may also to continue to serve as a member of Security as a Staff if you chose to continue to work in the Security division.

Security Personnel

You are in-charge of keeping the staff and executive members of the State Government safe. You're also keeping guard of the city hall.

8. Chain of Command

1. In order to request a high command or mentor command, you must ask from the high rank to highest, which means if there is on duty Secretary, Administrator or Director, you must contact them before the President, if the Secretary, Administrator or Director is not available or cannot help, then you should contact the President straight ahead.
2. If an Agency is requesting for Government over the Department Radio, you have to wait for the highest ranking member to respond, if he/she does not respond. Ask if any are available in the Government radio if not you must respond to them yourself, if you cannot deal with it or they require a high command or something that requires permission (such as NG needs permission to LS for legit reason, only Cabinet members or above can give the perm) then you just inform that there's no one in town and leave the Department Radio conversation.
3. If the High Command or Mentor Command is speaking, do not speak over or mumble. You stay quiet and wait till conversation is over, speaking over them is disrespectful.
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San Andreas Government Employment Handbook
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