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 Licenses and Permits Application

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The President **********

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PostSubject: Licenses and Permits Application   Sat Feb 20, 2016 10:46 pm

San Andreas State Department
Licensing and Permits

Club Licenses

It is compulsory for every club owner to own licenses for their club. They'll have to meet a number of requirements. As they have applied they'll get inspected by the government, if they meet all the requirements their application will be accepted. They'll be inspected on such things as security and the evacuation time of the building will be calculated. They'll be inspected once in a while for underaged visitors or providing underaged visitors with alcoholic drinks.(Only when this applies for your club)

When being caught on not owning these licenses for your business, you will be warned for the first time. And recommended to apply for your licenses as soon as possible. You will be notified as warned in our database. A period of 3 days will be given to apply from the official warning date. You will recieve an official warning by mail or E-mail.

When being caught for not applying after your first warning. You will be given another warning that comes with a $50,000 ticket. This will not mean immidiatly shut down of you business, you will have one last chance to apply for your licenses after you paid the ticket.

When caught not paying your ticket, or not applying within 3 days from the second warning. Your place of business will be shut down, and you will be serving jail time for 2 weeks.Also this comes with another ticket of $100,000. You can apply for licenses after serving jail time and paying your ticket. ((You can apply again after 2 weeks, you can not open your business during this time.))

San Andreas Government
Club Licenses Application

Club Licensenses Application
What is your last name?
[Answer here.]
What is your first name?
[Answer here.]
What is your middle name (if applicable)?
[Answer here.]
What is your former name (if applicable)?
[Answer here.]
What is your Date of Birth?
What is your phone number?
[Answer here.]
What is your address?
[Answer here.]
What Do you sell in your club?:
[Answer here.]
Your Business Location:
[Answer here.]
What is your reason for applying for these licenses?
[Answer here.]
Provide a photo of your place of business
[Answer here.]
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Licenses and Permits Application
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