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 SA Court Docket System

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PostSubject: SA Court Docket System   Thu Feb 18, 2016 1:01 pm

How the Docket Number System Works
Whenever you accept a case for DISCOVERY, you will issue a docket number as this means it will ultimately be a case that goes to trial. The docket number is 7 digits in the following format:


YY = The year the case entered DISCOVERY.
14 is 2014, for example.

X = The letter code for the type of case or warrant.
A = Appellate case in Superior Court
B = Criminal case in Superior Court
C = Civil case in Superior Court
W = Search Warrant
X = Arrest Warrant
Y = Supreme Court cases in the San Andreas Supreme Court
Z = Other (if no other docket letters apply)

note: add a (PD) at the beginning of the docket if it was handled on the LSPD Database.

111 = The case / warrant number
Start from 001 and count up to the latest number of a case. Only count for that type of case. There can be a 001 criminal case, 001 civil case, 001 appellate case, etc.

So if I were to preside over a sample Appellate court case in 2014, the ID number would be 14-A001

It takes an extra FIVE minutes to enter the docket number of a court case or warrant but will help volumes when we ultimately need to cite those cases in history. Instead of saying "XXX vs. LSPD" where numerous cases can have the same name, the docket number will always be identical.

Be sure to append to the first post of a court case as well as the forum title the docket number.

Note: If the judge presiding changes after Discovery, the docket number remains the same.
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SA Court Docket System
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