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 Bar of San Andreas FAQ

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PostSubject: Bar of San Andreas FAQ   Thu Feb 18, 2016 1:20 pm

What does the State Bar do?

The State Bar of San Andreas is a non-profit organization which regulates the professional conduct of the state's lawyers. The Bar is tasked with administering the San Andreas Bar Examination which future lawyers must pass in order to be licensed to practice in the state. Other duties include maintaining a directory of attorneys in the state and disciplining attorneys for ethical and professional violations.

Who manages the State Bar?

The State Bar of San Andreas is managed by a Chairman and by an Executive Board.

How are members admitted?

To practice law in San Andreas, future lawyers must submit an online application and then pass a rigorous examination which tests their knowledge on federal and state law. Applicants who successfully pass the Bar Examination are automatically admitted to the State Bar of San Andreas after taking an oath.

What is the attorney discipline system and how does it work?

The State Bar's discipline system is designed to protect the public, the courts and the legal profession from attorneys who violate ethical rules covering their professional conduct. Consumers with complaints about an attorney may contact the bar by phone or email.

When an attorney complaint is filed, the Executive Board receives the complaint and determines the nature of the allegations. If there is reason to proceed with a complaint, formal allegations of misconduct are pursued and an investigation is launched. The State Bar has the power to warn, fine, suspend or disbar attorneys found to have violated the Rules of Professional Conduct.

How do I obtain information about a lawyer?

Information on any attorney licensed to practice in San Andreas can be obtained on the bar's website All members of the State Bar and any records of public discipline are on file and considered public record.

What is the San Andreas Bar Examination?

The San Andreas Bar Examination is a standardized test administered by the State Bar of San Andreas all year round. All future lawyers wishing to practice in the state must pass it. The exam tests the applicant on legal topics learned during law school and their ability to effectively advise clients.

How can I take the Bar Examination?

Future lawyers wishing to take the San Andreas Bar Examination must submit an online application. If accepted, the applicant will be able to take the Bar Examination after paying a $500 non-refundable fee.

Can I retake the Bar Examination if I fail on my first try?

Applicants may retake the San Andreas Bar Examination as many times as needed after waiting at least 1-2 weeks in between attempts. Applicants will not be required to resubmit an application unless the information provided in the original application is outdated or too much time has passed since the initial application. The $500 non-refundable fee is to be paid each time the exam is taken.
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Bar of San Andreas FAQ
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