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 LSPD Report a Crime

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PostSubject: LSPD Report a Crime   Thu Feb 18, 2016 1:26 pm

The LSPD Crimeline is a confidential crime reporting system, allowing residents of Los Santos to submit less formal crime tips to the Detectives of the LSPD's Office of Criminal Intelligence. This is in response to the challenges posed by reporting criminality for those in fear of their safety. Crime-line is a direct line between concerned citizens of Los Santos and the three detective divisions operated by the Los Santos Police Department

The Crimeline is not a formal crime reporting tool, unlike Confidential Crime Reports. It is an informal contact point for people who might have seen criminality or may be concerned by crime in their neighbourhood. The following is a basic list of scenarios where it would be good to contact the Crimeline, it is not exhaustive:

Prolific drug use in the area where you live.
Suspected drug dens in your neighourhood
Prostitution in your neighbourhood
Illegal gambling in your neighbourhood
You know someone involved in criminality.
You are aware of a crime being planned.
You witnessed an assault/murder/robbery but are unwilling to report it formally
A wide array of other criminal offences.

If you feel there is any element of criminality which is impacting on your quality of life or safety, then that is reason enough to contact the Crimeline, there are no repercussions for submitting a crime tip via Crimeline.

Tips received through Crimeline will be directed to senior detectives within the LSPD's OCI Detective Divisions. (Vice Division, Street & Violent Crimes Division and The Gang & Narcotics Division) who will assess the tip for its credibility and reliability. Tips will then be used to furnish existing enquiries or as points of origin for new investigations. Numerous safeguards will be in place to ensure that malicious tips do not waste Police Resources or negatively impact upon the lives of innocent Los Santos
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LSPD Report a Crime
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