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 Sa Government Security Agency Vehicles

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The President **********
The President **********

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PostSubject: Sa Government Security Agency Vehicles   Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:16 am

SS Agency Vehicles to be used for protection of the President and Government officials...

[*]The Baller Mid Size armored SUV perfect for offroad and fast moving highways...

[*]The Insurgent an Extra Large and strong armored SUV for presidential security convoy Perfect for offroad terrain and in city highways...

[*]The Insurgent Pickup Truck armored and armed with a .55 Caliber machine gun is capable of taking down any threat to the security of the president and high command officials of the San Andreas Government.

[*]The President`s own car with 22 inch thick armored plates capable of surviving a nuclear attack is one of the most advanced Schafter Large Size sedan ever made, Also armed with an stinger anti air weapon aswell as a rhino cannon, various machine guns, state of the art computers and many other top classified features that only San Andreas Government should know about…

[*]An Armored Beast the Kuruma is one of the most advanced mid size sedans ever made fatures 19 inch thick armored plates always used by the Presidential Security detail capable of surviving Granades and RPGS attack.






[*]The Rhino tank armed with a cannon and 2 machine guns is a beast in the battlefield use in the San Andreas Government for a high scale situation.

[*]The besra is a fighter jet used for close air support to the airplane of the president.

[*]The Buzzard attack helicopter used for convoy protection incase of an attack is very capable of destroying any armored vehicle

[*]The Cargobob used for for cargo of a presidential visit and transport of government personnel

[*]The Frogger used for transport of government officials and the president

[*]The Annihilator is the main protection helicopter of the President and high government Officials

[*]The Hydra is used for a high risk situation and to provide air to air and air to ground suppoert for the President.

[*]The MilJet is the main long range transport airplane for the President and other Government Officials, This plane have state of the art technology and state of the art defences such an anti air missile or ground to air missile...

[*]The P996 LAZER JET is a long range defense fighter jet for close protection of the MilJet Presidential Airplane.

[*]The Skylift is used for transport of government vehicles

[*]The Vestra is a 4 person capacity airplane capable of flying at the speed of sound and capable of flying up to 65Thousands feets is used for a last resource aircraft for transport of the president incase of a high scale situation

[*]Shamal Transport and luxury Hotel use

[*]The Super Voltie is a luxury Helicopter used for transport of the president to his yatch.

[*]The Swift Deluxe Helicopter used for transport of the President

[*]The Valkyrie Helicopter is used for close air support to the President`s Helicopter and for transport of Security Personnel






[*]The Titan is a government cargo plane used to transport from Government personnel to heavy military vehicles
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Sa Government Security Agency Vehicles
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